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RESTORATION WEEK 2021 - Curiosity

Do you know that the events of the Restoration Week will be broadcasted everyday from incredible and hidden places in the heart of each city visited
On friday 3 september we'll be in the auditorium of the Casa Cava in Matera  - Know More Here 
The work represents an excellent case of recovery of an underground complex of post-medieval origin, used up to the 1600s as a pit quarry and later converted into a structure for culture, art and music. The Casa Cava Auditorium therefore looks like a set jewel that extends for 900 square meters, divided into ten rooms dug into the tuff used for different uses: exhibition gallery; training rooms and laboratories; cafeteria and three outdoor courts. Another distinctive element is the central Auditorium hall, which can accommodate about 140 people and, characterized by a particular cone shape, about 18 meters high and also intended as a concert hall due to its phonic and acoustic characteristics.
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