Seismic and recovery risk

Eartquake and Recovery risk

The recovery or response of risk management from seismic or other natural events is central to the management of the Italian and world historical heritage. Starting from the example of two areas or buildings heavily damaged by these events, we want to analyze the action of institutions, clients, private and ecclesiastical bodies in the prevention and management of events.
The specific themes linked to the model of approach to the restoration of the built heritage are a fundamental vehicle for guaranteeing in-depth knowledge of the objects and therefore effective prevention and planning actions, where possible, and reasoned repair interventions where a response to the catastrophic event.


Amatrice Red Zone – Worksite of San Francesco Church and Project of Don Minozzi reconstruction

Church of San Giuseppe dei Falegnami in Rome – Reconstruction of structures and surfaces

Round tables

Thematic round tables with the Italian experts and companies held during the 2020 edition of the Restoration Week 2020

Planning Interventions and equipment dedicated to prevention and reconstruction in seismic areas

Restoration and preservation of decorated surfaces – Design and intervention on building reconstructions


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Seismic and recovery risk

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