Live streaming from Napoli

Complexity - The restoration from the historic centre to the suburbs

Napoli, Italy

30th August 2021

2:30 to 4:00 pm

Walking through the streets of the cities we come across ancient and sumptuous buildings, whose beauty strikes us at first glance. We are immediately aware of the importance of their protection. However, in our path we also come across other types of buildings, still ancient but more neglected and decadent.
Each building tells a story, has unique peculiarities to be discovered through a study that is able to protect its identity. Complexity is present on all levels, in places where this aesthetic attribution becomes a threat to the discovery of the real value of a heritage that risks being destroyed forever.


  • Church of San Giovanni in Carbonara
  • Donna Regina Monumental Complex
  • Library and Monumental Complex of the Girolamini
  • Villa Galdi, Marigliano


Complexity, the restoration from the historic centre to the suburbs

Church of San Giovanni in Carbonara

The construction of the church began around 1339.
Inside it has sixteenth-century sculptural and pictorial works that make it one of the most artistically relevant Renaissance churches in the city.
Among the various works there is the famous Crucifixion by Giorgio Vasari. It turns out to be a church rich in history handed down through the centuries by the various religious orders that have kept it in custody.
In 1688 an earthquake damaged the entire structure; the very expensive restoration work, allowed some of the rooms foreseen in the original project to be completed.

Church of Donnaregina Vecchia

The church of Santa Maria Donnaregina Vecchia is a monumental church in Naples built in the early 14th century for the Poor Clare nuns of the monastery.
In the 17th century a second church was built, Donnaregina Nuova, conceived up to the 1930s as a single structure.
Along the walls of the choir of the nuns is preserved the largest and one of the most important fresco cycles of the fourteenth century in Naples. It represents a unicum in the panorama of the historic center of Naples.

Library and Monumental Complex of the Girolamini

The library, ofv the Monumental Complex of the Girolamini in Naples, open to the public since 1586 and one of the most prestigious libraries born in Naples; specializing in Christian Theology, Philosophy, Christian Church in Europe, Church History, Sacred Music and General History of Europe.
The Library is one of the richest in the South and the oldest of the Neapolitan ones. The Library is a state cultural institution of the city of Naples.
The institution has been closed to the public for some time and is in a state of disrepair.

Villa Galdi, Marigliano

In the early twentieth century, Villa Galdi represented the visiting card for foreigners who entered in Marigliano from Naples. Imposing construction, as well as the flagship of civil architecture. Its history begins in the late 1600s when a branch of the Galdi family reached Marigliano, choosing it as their place of residence. The building is spread over three floors and has a rectangular plan.
The structure was born without concrete and effective references to a specific architectural canon, but its verticality suggests the Italian Gothic of the nineteenth century.