About Restoration Week

30th August 2021


The restoration from the historic centre to the suburbs

31st August 2021

Pompeii (NA)

Pompeii Archaeological Park: archaeology and Valorisation

1st – 2nd September 2021


Salone del Restauro
International Conferences

3rd September 2021


Hidden Matera: the archaeological sites and rock churches

Restoration Week is an event aimed at promoting the excellence of Italian restoration through a traveling tour of restoration sites in digital and in person.

Restoration Week is an annual event, organized by Assorestauro (Italian Association for Architectural, Artistic, Urban Restoration) and promoted together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Italian Trade Agency.

The 2021 edition will take place in the setting of a suggestive traveling journey among the excellence of Italian restoration with a visit to the restoration sites of Naples, Pompeii, Bari and Matera from 30 August to 4 September.

Virtual visits, will allow you to discover the artistic beauties of our country, described by the expert involved in the restoration works, directly from the construction site.

The event will be followed in presence by a group of international delegates from Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Cuba, Lebanon and finally Albania which will be the official guest of the 2021 edition represented by the Minister of Culture Elva Margariti.

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