AFR Conference: ARS Progetti

ARS Progetti, Ambiente Risorse e Sviluppo (Environment, Resources and Development) is a consulting firm working all over the world providing services, such as surveys, studies, design and technical assistance, mainly to public committers and for public interests, in fields related with governance and human development, culture and cultural heritage. ARS Progetti is ALSO a think-tank elaborating themes of human development.
Established in 1992, as a result from the evolution of previous forms of association, ARS Progetti inherited a professional tradition dating back to the beginning of the 70.s, which considered people’s cultural specificity as an asset for development.
Since then culture has always remained the no-escape subject of our approach to development.
ARS Progetti applies a system approach to its projects, where the “system” includes culture, nature and socio-economic organization.
We consider ourselves as an open laboratory, where innovative ideas are identified, translated in action tools and put in practice.
The raw material, i.e. the ideas, are originated within the international scientific community we belong to, while the engineering process is our own, based on the know-how accumulated in 30 years of international experience.