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Workshop program

Il ruolo del restauro nelle politiche di crescita economiche – culturali
2 September 2021 | h. 11.30 a.m
At the presso ICE Agency Area – Assorestauro | Stand A1
Salone del restauro – Fiera del Levane, Bari

11.30 AM | INSTITUTIONAL GREETINGS saluti istituzionali

  • ROBERTO LOVATO – Head of the Industrial Partnership Office and Relations with International Organisations – ICE Agency – Dirigente Ufficio Partenariato Industriale e Rapporti con gli Organismi Internazionali – Agenzia ICE

Moderator: Andrea Griletto – Director of Direttore di Assorestauro

11.35 AM | SPEAKERS relatori

  • MR. AZAD JAFARLI – Head of the State Service for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture capo del Servizio Statale per la Tutela del Patrimonio Culturale del Ministero della Cultura
  • MR. READ GASIMOV – Chief Party, Administration of State Historical- Architectural Reserve “Icherisheher”. Capo partito, Amministrazione della Riserva Statale Storico-Architettonica “Icherisheher”.

12.00 P.M. | CLOSING OF THE WORKSHOP chiusura dei lavori

Simultaneous Italian/English/Italian translation will be provided during the workshop.
Durante il workshop è prevista la traduzione simultanea italiano/inglese/italiano.


Since independence in 1991, Azerbaijan has shown a strong commitment to restoring and preserving the multireligious heritage. The Armenian Cathedral in Baku, damaged in 1990, has been fully restored and now hosts a library of around 5,000 precious Armenian manuscripts. The old synagogues were restored, reopened and new Jewish schools were built. 

The Republic of Azerbaijan is investing in the recovery of its artistic heritage and above all is looking for restorers and artisans, at the same time the local authorities are also active in restoration projects of the artistic heritage of foreign countries. Azerbaijan is currently planning major investments for restoration and conservation and especially on reconstruction in the South-West Region of the country, the territory recently liberated following the conflict in 2020. The initial phase of the project includes governance and commissioning activities. territorial security, the development of the main infrastructures, the creation of an economic fabric and social services. the restoration sector in Azerbaijan, still underdeveloped from an entrepreneurial point of view, has a client almost entirely represented by the state and local administrations. Restoration projects are entrusted to companies through tenders opened by the State Service for the Conservation, Restoration, and Development of Cultural Heritage, controlled by the Ministry of Culture. An important institution always active in the restoration sector, but in the city of Baku alone is ICHERISEHER (old city) – the State Historical and Architectural Reserve of the Azerbaijani Republic. This institution has recently signed a Protocol on friendship and cooperation with the city of Matera. The agreement, which perfects an agreement launched in 2017, opens prospects for collaboration with the Città dei Sassi in the tourism, culture, art, crafts, and agri-food sectors. 

Participation in the restoration projects of the liberated territories of Azerbaijan is a great opportunity for the economic sector of the Province of East Azerbaijan and for the Italian technical and engineering companies. In fact, President Aliyev has repeatedly expressed his intention to collaborate with Italian companies. In this regard, our Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with Italian Trade Agency and trade associations has organized two web missions dedicated to Restoration and Urban Planning 

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