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Workshop program

Il ruolo del restauro nelle politiche di crescita economiche – culturali
1 September 2021 | h. 4.30 p.m ore 16:30
At the presso ICE Agency Area – Assorestauro | Stand A1
Salone del restauro – Fiera del Levane, Bari

h 4:30 p.m. ore 16.30 | INSTITUTIONAL GREETINGS saluti istituzionali

  • ROBERTO LOVATO – Head of the Industrial Partnership Office and Relations with International Organisations – ICE Agency – Dirigente Ufficio Partenariato Industriale e Rapporti con gli Organismi Internazionali – Agenzia ICE
  • CLAUDIO PASQUALUCCI – Director direttore ICE Beirut – ICE Agency

Moderator: Andrea Griletto – Director of Direttore di Assorestauro

h 4.35 p.m. ore 16:35 | SPEAKERS relatori

  • SARKIS KHOURY – Director General of DGA Directorate General of direttore Generale della Antiquities “BEIRUT ASSIST CULTURAL HERITAGE, BACH”.
  • FADLALLAH DAGHER – Architect Founder Member of architetto Membro fondatore di Beirut Heritage Initiative “THE BEIRUTI HOUSES HERITAGE AT RISK”
  • JOE KALLAS – Architect Restorer UNESCO Consultant – Architetto Restauratore Consulente UNESCO “SURSOCK PALACE, CONSERVATION AND RESTORATION STUDY”

17.00 | CLOSING OF THE WORKSHOP chiusura dei lavori

Simultaneous Italian/English/Italian translation will be provided during the workshop.
Durante il workshop è prevista la traduzione simultanea italiano/inglese/italiano.

The Italian Cooperation participates in the “Cultural Heritage and Urban Development” (CHUD) Program, which is part of an intervention strategy promoted by the World Bank, the main financier of the Program, also supported by AICS and AFD (the FrenchCooperation Agency ).
The objectives of the CHUD are aimed at implementing actions and strategies to:

  • Rehabilitation of historical centers and improvement of urban infrastructures in the cities of Tripoli, Biblos, Baalbek, Sidon andTire;
  • Conservation and management of archaeological sites;
  • Institutional strengthening and project management.

Currently, with an investment of about 12 million euros and thanks to many years of experience in the protection and enhancement of cultural heritage, Italy has become one of the privileged interlocutors of the Lebanese Ministry of Culture and the Directorate General of Antiquities. The Italian component intervenes in: rehabilitation and enhancement of historic centers, conservation, enhancement and promotion of archaeological sites, technical assistance to the General Directorate for Urban Planning-DGU.

Following the explosion that occurred at the port of Beirut on 4 August 2020, an urgent assessment of the building stock was initiated by the Directorate General of Antiquities-DGA to ensure the safety of the inhabitants and in order to save and recover unsafe buildings in historic districts. affected. To support the restoration of severely damaged schools, historic buildings, and museums on 4 August, the UNESCO head launched an international appeal for fundraising, called BACH Build Assist Cultural Heritage.

A contribution to UNESCO of 1,000,000 euros was also finalized for the renovation of the Surswok Museum, severely damaged by the explosion of the port of Beirut.