Policies for the protection of built heritage

The Restoration Week 2020 involved the most important International Organizations which are playing an active role in promoting and financing the Restoration of Cultural Heritage and Historic assets with testimonial value, as a driver for the development of the tourism, occupation and social life of local territories. The Restoration week 2020 dedicated to this topic a conference, that hosted expertise from the main active Italian and International Organization and aims at creating useful future synergies and collaboration among the participants, as a side-support to the Restoration Sector and the promote a strategic bridge of dialogue and new synergies with the “Made in Italy Restoration” programme. With Ministry of Culture Albania, European Commission, World Monument Fund, Europa Nostra, NOUH National Organization for Urban Harmony Egypt, World Bank, Heritage Commission – Ministry of Culture Saudi Arabia.


Conference in Rome, 25th September 2020 – International policies for the protection of built heritage



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Policies for the protection of built heritage

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