AFR Conference: Restauroitalia

Restauroitalia is a company that works in the field of restoration with decades of experience.
The work of Restauroitalia follows design solutions, addressed to the historical artistic heritage, based on the principle of continuous critical analysis of procedures and results.
Each design choice is analyzed in its uniqueness as a question emerged for the first time, in this sense the design solutions are tested from time to time, perfected case by case and adapted to the uniqueness of the ancient artefact.
Our approach allows the growth of a theoretical-cultural baggage “up to” specific needs, so as to be able to technically, historically and critically penetrate the work, enhancing its uniqueness.
The use of the most advanced techniques is associated with the knowledge and mastery of a team composed of professionals, engineers, architects and restorers working for Restauroitalia, thus creating a combination of technology and craftsmanship, with the aim of preserving the cultural heritage Italian and to pass on to the future the works of the past as a moral duty.
For years, RestauroItalia has been engaged in promotional activities with a high cultural content, with participation in various national and international conferences.
For some years it has also appeared in the world of modern and contemporary art conservation.

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